Neuroscience Money Healer Brianna Firestone - The Mother Wound and Speaking Truth

Neuroscience Money Healer Brianna Firestone joins us to answer the 4 questions below in 40 minutes! This conversation covers a huge spectrum of insight, heart, and intellect….this is the second time Bri has answered these questions. The first time was a year ago. It’s so healing and so much deeper the more we ask ourselves these questions. They are living things and morph and influence our path, these questions are in relationship with our healing. There is some deep fodder for sparks there.

1. What is your magic in the world?

2. What is the wound/shadow/trauma you are currently healing through?

3. What do you consider to be the wound/shadow/trauma of your lifetime?

4. What is currently coming up in your community, right now, and how are you holding space for it and/or supporting your community?


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