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Simple Stars

Make life easier - learn the blueprint of your soul. Our astrological natal chart is considered to be the blueprint of our soul. It is the snapshot of the heavens the moment you took your first breath in this incarnation. This reading takes you on a tour through your essential soul foundation; Your astrological natal chart with a deep focus on your Sun, Rising, and Moon sign. Your reading includes insight to all the houses, signs and degrees. Tandy also talks through any major aspects or transits that are heavily affecting you at the time of booking, as well as imparting any channeled messages that are seeking their way to you in this reading. This is an hour long reading you will come back to listen to again, and again throughout your life. Our natal chart gives insight, permission, and a map for healing, balance, and empowerment in this lifetime. To book, click the link above, choose the next available time slot. ***MAKE SURE to add your date, time (REQUIRED) and place of birth (city and country) in the comment section. **You must have your birth time to book this session.** You DO NOT meet with Tandy for this session** Tandy will facilitate the reading at the time booked then email it to you within 24 hours of that time. You will receive a video & audio recording of the reading + a copy of their natal chart to keep and refer back to anytime. **If purchasing this as a gift for someone, please include that in the comments section. Include the receivers email address where you'd like the reading sent!

$150.00 USD
Alignment Check-up

Get the details on your personal alignment to improve the efficacy of your time on the mat. Allow Tandy to check your postural alignment in standing front, profile, and back, plank, bridge and hundreds. You'll receive personalized cuing details for your best alignment in order to get the most our of your workouts on Alignment is everything when it comes to healing, injury prevention and results. Your goals may be just a simple tweak away that will only be seen and discovered in this one-on-one with Tandy. These sessions are particularly great for those with chronic injuries or issues, scoliosis, post-natal or chronic back pain wishing to heal, once and for all. You do not need to have an injury or issue to book a session, you may just want to make sure you're doing things as best you can and clarify exercises that just never feel quite right or that you don't 'get' quite yet. Adjustments can make all the difference in your practice.  **Add your area of inquiry in the comment section when booking. Your session is recorded and a video & audio file are emailed to you post appointment. If Tandy recommends specific balancing work she will have it added to your library on and send directions on how to work with it via email, post session. **You meet with Tandy, live, 1:1 via Zoom. Your custom zoom link within 24 hours of booking your appointment, via email. Tandy is in Brooklyn, NY EST. *24 hour cancellation notice.

$250.00 USD


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