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Healing Protocols

This collection of 30-minute stretches and workouts are the culmination of 20+ years of coaching experience to heal chronic, diagnosed, tight, or just funky issues in the shoulders, hips, low back, hamstrings, feet, knees, and wrists. Clients are inevitably shocked that progress and healing happen in sneaky, calm, quiet, and subtle ways that no other program, practitioner, class, PT, coach, or healer has been able to make progress with. Tandy's work is practical magic for strength, mobility, and embodiment.

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Witch's Work

This collection of 30-min mat based workouts focus on igniting, amplifying, and expanding your ability to manifest while balancing (equal strength & mobility) your personal cauldron: hips, pelvis, pelvic floor, deep core & lower back.

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6 Steps to Be a Unicorn

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