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Question 1 of 9

Please provide your First & Last Name, your Email, the City/State/Country you live in and your Instagram and/or Facebook Profile Link if you have them. 

Question 2 of 9

What interests you most about being part of the Unicorn Wellness affiliate program and helping bring others into the Unicorn Wellness community?

Question 3 of 9

Tell us about your interest in helping people manage stress, anxiety, and their health while generating patience, calm, joy, and their personal magic?

Question 4 of 9

Tell us about your experience with Unicorn Wellness Studio & Tandy's practice. Having more experience is not necessarily better and a willingness to learn is important.

Question 5 of 9

Tell us about your experience with the tarot, meditation, astrology, yoga and Pilates and/or willingness to learn.

Question 6 of 9

Have you built a community of like-minded people before online or offline? Please explain.

Question 7 of 9

What would you do in the first 30 days of joining the Unicorn Wellness affiliate program to grow your community and bring on new members? 

Question 8 of 9

What is your level of comfort using social media to grow awareness and engage with people? There is no right answer, we just want to understand your level of experience.


High: I have built online communities before and love it! I use all the tools out there: Instagram, Facebook, Facebook groups etc.


Medium: I have some knowledge and have used social media for years. I am familiar and comfortable with all aspects of Instagram, Facebook & Facebook groups and open to getting better at building communities there.


Low: I have limited knowledge of social media but I do use it. I have not built communities but I'm sure I could learn.


None: I have almost no social media experience and I find it both beguiling and intimidating or just not my jam, so I'd prefer to work mostly offline.

Question 9 of 9

What level of income are you hoping to earn from the Unicorn Wellness affiliate program? Note: There are no right answers. We want everyone at every level. We just want to understand your goals. 


$100 a month would be wonderful right now - a little extra spending money is all I really want.


$250 a month would be ideal to cover a couple bills and maybe save a little extra.


$500 a month would be ideal. I consider this as an important opportunity to seriously supplement my income.


$1,000-2,000 a month: I see this as a mid-sized career opportunity for me.


>$2,500 a month: I'm here to build a primary income for myself.

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